Instagram Stock – All The Information You Need

Are you an investor? Do you want to invest your hard earned money in a very good stock which will only rise in value from here? Although social media is a new form of media and the information technological companies are relatively young, these are some of the largest corporations in the world. The economic importance of these companies and the power that these giants wield is enormous and it is not something that you can easily ignore. From the perspective of an investor, the investments made on these social media have multiplied many times over within a short span of time.

Instagram is one such social media that is facing an exponential growth in the recent years. Facebook the technological mammoth in the world, perhaps only smaller than Google, has bought Instagram back in April 2012. Soon after the acquisition of Instagram, Facebook launched its IPO in May 2012. The users of Instagram are growing day by day and the social media is also introducing new features which are helpful for the businesses and people alike. This only makes it more likeable and liked by the people. With the recent addition of Instagram stories, the social media is also eating into the users of other famous media like snapchat.

If you want to buy the stock of any social media, Instagram will be a very good option. However, it is not directly available and you will have to buy the stocks of Facebook. As of April 2017, there are more than 700 million users of Instagram in the world and this huge user base makes it as one of the most profitable ventures in which one can invest. Mobile phone usability with stable releases for all the operating systems makes it a fan favorite. The latest features like videos, augmented reality stickers are liked by many users and there are many new users who have been pulled from other media to this. Also the face filters that have been introduced makes it possible for the users to use the numerous filters for face. These filters make it possible for the average user to make their prettier, smarter, more likeable and even scarier.

All these added functionalities has made the perceived value of Instagram to rise. You can easily buy the stocks of Facebook and be assured that your portfolio has the stock of Instagram as, Facebook is the larger company that owns the stock of Instagram.